Blue Energy Technologies is introducing the SMART Steam Trap, a technology that aims to reduce energy consumption in industrial manufacturing facilities. The technology is a replacement for mechanical steam traps that fail. The company says SMART Steam Traps are more effective because they use venturi technology to collect condensate and block steam. The traps have no moving parts, come with a 20-year performance guarantee, are made from stainless steel.

Two SMART models are available — the SVT in .5-in, .75-in and 1-in for distribution line and small process loads and the STC in 1-in and 2-in piping sizes for medium and large process applications. NPT, socket weld, and flanged fittings can be specified in both models. The SVT series provides built-in dual strainers for ease of maintenance without removing the trap from the line.

In addition to reduced maintenance workload and expense created by improved reliability, company officials claim the SMART technology steam traps will reduce wasted steam usage and improve overall energy efficiencies in the steam production and distribution network.