Lochinvar is introducing an addition to its Power-Fin line with the Power-Fin High Efficiency Commercial Boiler. This product expansion of the original line, which launched in 1986 and just celebrated its 30th anniversary, now offers an input capacity from 2.5 to 5 million Btuh, more than doubling its previous capacity. The enhanced performance comes from a heat exchanger that features a double row of swept fins that delivers more than twice the output of the original model.
The new Power-Fin boiler includes the Smart Touch Control™ and CON·X·US® remote connect. According to the company, the Smart Touch Control offers an 8-in touchscreen with easy-to-understand infographics for easy set-up, while the CON•X•US platform allows users to monitor and manage the boiler from any internet-capable device. CON•X•US also sends alerts via text or email notifying the user of changes in the system status and allows for the modification of boiler settings from almost anywhere when connected to Wi-Fi or cat 5 Ethernet.

With thermal efficiency of 87%, Power-Fin boilers feature a 5:1 turndown ratio that responsively adapts the burner firing rate to match heating load requirements at any point between 20% and full capacity. This results in less cycling for greater efficiency and cost savings.