Viega will address health threats as it relates to microbial water growth issues with its design methods and systems at ASPE 2016. The company says this comes in response to ASHRAE 188 Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems. ASPE 2016 will be held Oct. 31-Nov. 1 in Phoenix.

The company will display its water system portfolio, including The Ring and Series System Installation, SmartLoop System, and Venturi Press Inserts. Viega will also provide attendees with hands-on demonstrations and updates on water quality solutions and plumbing design strategies.

According to Viega, one of the most important precautions for safe water quality is to ensure the plumbing design strategy reduces stagnation points and maintains consistent flow. Viega’s Ring System Installation circulates fresh water through supply piping of other unused fixtures. Compared to other methods, Viega officials said the Ring Installation uses more tubing, but provides fresh water up to the stop valve of each fixture in the ring every time a fixture is used. Its alternative, The Series, uses flow-through fittings in a series compared to the standard branch and tree.

Viega’s SmartLoop System aims to keep water hotter longer, reduce water waste, and increases energy savings of up to 40% while maintaining temperature. The Venturi Press Insert is a fitting that manipulates pressure to alter the path of least resistance and induce flow to infrequently used fixtures. This fitting goes inside the supply main or riser, creating an increase in velocity and a decrease in pressure that induces flow in a loop, thereby maximizing the water exchanged.

In addition to its water quality solutions, Viega will also include its press fitting technology, the MegaPress and MegaPressG system for black iron pipe, as well as its copper ProPress system.

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