Heat Transfer Products Group, LLC (HTPG) has introduced the new Quantum Air Remote Air Cooled Condensers. Designed with California Title 24 regulatory compliance in mind, Quantum Air models are available with one to 14 fans, and with single- and double-fan width models in either vertical or horizontal air flow configurations.
According to the company, the HTPG family of air cooled condensers is ideal for the supermarket, industrial cooling, and commercial warehousing industries. Quantum Air Remote Air Cooled Condensers are specifically designed to be easier to set up and service. The company also says the heavy duty lifting eyes and hinged leg design makes installation much quicker. The standard fan panels are hinged for easy access for coil cleaning and fan or motor service. Motors are stud mounted on rigid rails for increased stability and ease of service. The built-in LED lighting illuminates the large electrical control panels for a clear view of individually labeled wires, controls, and the door mounted wiring diagram for servicing during dark or low-light service calls.

The condenser’s new design aims to improve performance and uses less refrigerant. Models with one to four fans in length have 3/8-in copper tubing mechanically expanded into aluminum fins, and all Quantum Air models feature a floating coil design that eliminates potential damage from operational vibrations. All-weather, galvanized steel painted housing along with vinyl coated heavy gauge steel fan guards protect the units from the elements.