Fulton Thermal Corporation is now offering multiple thermal coil heater skids as rental units.

Among their many uses, the units serve customers experiencing failure of an existing heater, as backup for critical processes, or as short-term replacements during long lead times for new units or permanent solutions.

Fulton says its rental heaters offer all the capabilities of custom-designed Fulton thermal coil heaters. They are ready for use in markets including chemical processing, manufacturing, lamination, food and asphalt industries, and are currently available in two models: FT-0240C and FT-0600C.

The FT-0240C model has a 2,400,000 Btuh output, a 198 GPM flow rate, dual-gas (natural gas/propane) capability, and can ship closed-truck LTL. The FT-0600C model has a 6,000,000 Btuh output, 375 GPM flow rate, dual-fuel (natural gas/#2 oil) capability, and low emissions at sub 15 PPM NOx on natural gas.

Both models are completely turnkey products, are rated NEMA 4 for outdoor installation, and include an exhaust stack, circulating pump, and expansion tank.

For additional information, visit www.fulton.com/rental.