NexRev LLC has entered the Canadian marketplace with a regional office located in Toronto. This follows on the heels of NexRev’s announcement of its Latin American headquarters in Mexico City and represents the next step in the company’s international expansion plan.

Supported by a network of Canadian resources, NexRev Canada ULC will introduce DrivePak™ and Freedom™ — NexRev’s two key energy management solutions — to commercial, institutional, and industrial markets looking for total facility energy reduction and financial savings.

DrivePak is the company’s flagship HVAC retrofit solution with widespread adoption in the United States and increasing prevalence in Latin America. The company says this has made it the preferred multi-speed RTU upgrade among the world’s largest retailers. Freedom is an open-platform energy management system engineered for multisite facility operations allowing users to control and monitor energy consumption, HVAC, refrigeration, indoor and outdoor lighting, and signage systems.

NexRev Canada will go to market via direct sales and through a network of Canadian channel partners with full engineering, technical, and operational support from NexRev LLC.

“NexRev is committed to establishing a successful presence in Canada, and we are encouraged by the broad interest expressed by regional contractors and their profound knowledge of Canada’s unique market needs,” said Kenneth Smith, NexRev CEO. “The energy reduction capabilities of DrivePak and Freedom will assist in tempering the nation’s high energy rates and reduce carbon emissions, two challenges that are of significant importance to Canada.”