Webster Combustion Technology LLC has introduced the model JBE(X). The manufacturer claims the product is designed specifically to deliver total energy savings from reductions in both fuel and electricity. Company officials said the manufacturer is the first commercial boiler burner manufacturer to introduce a high efficiency, low excess air burner to improve boiler combustion efficiency. It is ideal for hospitals, schools and universities, which are particularly cost sensitive because of tight operating budgets. The JBE(X) achieves boiler horsepower ratings in the 200 to 1,750 hp range. The model’s lower horsepower blower motor can help achieve total energy savings, depending on the boiler, burner size, and operating conditions.

Webster has combined its high-swirl firing head technology with a highly efficient in-line combustion air fan to provide improved mixing of the fuel and air, resulting in lower motor horsepower requirements. This combination allows the JBE(X) series burners to operate with low excess air across a large operating range. Less excess air translates to higher fuel efficiency, and high efficiency combined with high turndown reduces the heat loss in the boiler that can result from cycling when a burner is stopping and starting, according to the company.