Honeywell announced a new release of its building management system, Enterprise Buildings Integrator (EBI). According to the company, EBI R500 leverages the connectivity of today’s buildings to help make them strategic assets to organizations. The new features aim to help facility managers better streamline management and decision-making, promoting improved business efficiencies and providing greater control over operations. EBI R500 helps to improve facility managers’ ability to turn building data into actionable insights to deliver real outcomes in real time. New features include increased data point capacity, enhanced IT compliance, and cloud and mobile connectivity.

Honeywell says its EBI is an award-winning building management system that facilitates the integration of systems relating to security, comfort, life safety and energy control, among other functions. It gives users a single point of access and consistent view of information and resources through “Integration of Things” that enhances a user’s ability to monitor, manage, and protect a facility, campus, or multi-site operation.

In addition, EBI communicates with open protocols like BACNet®, OPC® and LonWorks®, which helps customers integrate with third-party software and hardware.