Howden American Fan Company is offering the BCS Backwardly Inclined Fan for air purification in applications like woodworking, chemical mixing, welding, dry storage, and more. The company says the BCS fan delivers non-overloading horsepower characteristics and stable performance over the entire pressure curve for maximum efficiency.

Officials claim the Howden America Fan BCS Backwardly Inclined Centrifugal Blower Fan is quieter and more efficient than radial bladed fans for air purification applications, and delivers better performance due to its non-overloading design. The BCS fan is typically installed on the clean side of an air purification system’s dust collection bag or cartridge, thereby reducing maintenance needs and improving overall product life.

The BCS fan is independently tested and certified by the Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) for air and sound. It is proven to be stable throughout the entire performance curve, and can be dampened back to approximately 40% of maximum flow. It is suitable for use in a variety of air purification applications, including in outdoor installations.

The fan is available with both high temperature and spark free construction designs, as well as with corrosion-resistant or other special alloys according to the needs of individual customers. It is available in 18 different fan sizes, from 12.5-in through 66-in diameter wheels, in Class I, II, or III construction. With the available percentage widths of the BCS fan product line, nearly any flow range can be met with the direct drive fan.