Advanced Cooling Technologies, Inc. (ACT) has launched its HSC, HPC, and LNC series of sealed enclosure cooler products. Sealed enclosure coolers are used to dissipate heat inside enclosures or cabinets that house and protect electrical/electronic equipment from harmful environments. These cabinets are typically sealed to a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) standard. For example, a NEMA 12 cabinet is for indoor use and protects against drips, dust and falling dirt, while a NEMA 4 cabinet is for outdoor use and must be water tight. Sealed enclosure coolers are required to efficiently transfer heat from the inside space to the outside environment while maintaining the seal.

ACT officials said its HSC series of coolers are based on a patent-pending design that uses air impingement technology that is thermally efficient and heat sink components which are being mass produced and used by the computer industry.

ACT’s HPC series of coolers are based on the heat pipe heat exchanger technology and incorporates advanced fin features for enhanced heat transfer performance.
ACT’s LNC series of coolers are based on a patent-pending design that utilizes a HSC-style air impingement heat sink to collect heat from the hot inside air and a larger extruded heat sink to dissipate the heat to the outside ambient via natural convection. Heat pipes are used to spread the heat from the smaller internal heat sink to the larger external heat sink. By reducing or eliminating the fans on the external side, the LNC series offer the low noise performance.