DriSteem has developed a new wetted media system with five patent-pending technologies. The DriSteem Wetted Media System provides evaporative cooling and humidification for a wide variety of applications while taking advantage of the free cooling and energy savings.

According to the company, wetted media systems work by using the heat already in the air to evaporate water as it passes through saturated media, saving on energy costs compared to alternative evaporative cooling equipment or steam humidification. In addition, the wetted media system can effectively manage shoulder season cooling load, as well as assist on peak cooling days to avoid purchase of additional cooling equipment. In retrofit situations where the cooling load has increased, the company also claims installation of a wetted media system is significantly less costly than adding a chiller.

The DriSteem Wetted Media System includes multiple, separately controlled stages of media. This allows the system to dry out one stage at a time so that remaining stages can continue to evaporate water and cool the air. Temperature control also lets the system anticipate the need for additional stages based on temperatures upstream and downstream of the wetted media.
Individual pumps for each stage allows for the use of smaller pumps that run less frequently and use less energy

when they’re running. Water is constantly circulated through the UV germicidal system with a power-flush drain pump that keeps debris constantly moving and in suspension before being directed by a jet of water to the drain. This suspension and removal of debris reduces scale build-up.

Cycle of concentration control manages drain cycles, keeping the system operating in the window between minimum and maximum cycles of concentration (number of times the dissolved minerals in the system water are concentrated versus the level in the makeup water). The manufacturer says this level of control protects the structural integrity of the media, reducing the frequency of media replacements.