Danfoss recently marked the 50-year anniversary of T2 expansion valve production. First manufactured and delivered to Danfoss customers in 1966, the company says the T2 has served as a fundamental part of Danfoss’ expansion valve program and proven itself as a staple in a variety of refrigeration and air conditioning applications worldwide.

“In the years since its initial release, the T2 has been a game-changer for Danfoss, thanks to its tremendous success in the market,” said Stephen Gugliotta, senior vice president of automatic controls for Danfoss. “No valve has surpassed or outperformed the T2 due to its energy efficiency, quality, and reliability. Danfoss estimates the T2 has saved approximately 157,000 GWh in the thousands of applications where it has been installed. To put this in perspective, the energy saved could power Italy for six months, Denmark for nearly a year or Argentina for over a year.”

The T2 remains the single most produced Danfoss expansion valve with production locations in Denmark and China.  It has also served as the foundation for further expansion, including The TU expansion valve launched in 1995. The company said it was the first of its kind made of stainless steel and incorporates bi-metal connectors that eliminate wet-wrapping during installation.

“Danfoss has developed many innovative products, technologies, and solutions in its endeavor to help meet the world’s growing challenges in infrastructure, safe food supply, energy efficiency, and climate-friendly solutions — and the tale of the T2 has been a vital contributing factor,” said Gugliotta.