Danfoss has introduced the ICV (H)A4A control valve with flanges, the full replacement for all common flanged control valves on the market. Inspired by the ICV Flexline™ platform, the company said the ICV (H)A4A control valve’s modular design extends the lifetime of existing refrigeration installation while delivering a significant reduction in cost, energy, and servicing and maintenance times.

The ICV (H)A4A control valve’s single common valve housing and three functional inserts — the ICS-(H)A4A and ICS-(H)S4A pilot valve, the ICM-HMMV and ICMHMMR motor valve and the ICLX-S9A two-step valve — mean fewer components and a reduced need for spare parts.  

Danfoss officials also said the product is compact, light-weight, and easy to install. The ICV (H)A4A control valve is fully-flexible due to its modular concept: one valve housing with three multi-functional inserts. There is also no need for cutting or welding.