Emerson Climate Technologies hosted its fourth E360 Forum in Atlanta on February 18. The company said the event was held to collaborate on and discuss some of the biggest challenges facing the industry such as regulations.

The E360 Forum featured a keynote session from Drusilla Hufford, director of the EPA’s stratospheric protection division, who highlighted the many EPA-related regulatory developments in response to the president’s Climate Action Plan. Hufford also discussed how U.S. policy fits into global initiatives to protect the environment.

“As we navigate the next few years, ongoing industry participation in regulatory decisions will continue to be critical,” said Dr. Rajan Rajendran, vice president of system innovation center and sustainability at Emerson Climate Technologies.

Dr. Rajendran’s session focused on the latest EPA regulatory updates and their national and global impacts as well as other refrigerant-related activities underway that also impact the industry.

“The most meaningful takeaway from today is the fact that the industry is changing, and with the EPA and changes in refrigerants, how that affects all of us from different levels and different parts of the industry and how we have to collaborate to make sure that we find the right solution,” said Derek Gosselin, systems product manager for Hillphoenix.

Emerson said the E360 Forum is part of the company’s broader initiative to create a meaningful HVACR industry dialogue. The E360 platform provides resources on commercial refrigeration issues and advancements by addressing energy efficiency, equipment reliability and safety, environmental protection, and economic considerations.

To access materials from the forum, go here.