As the face of California-based Azane, Caleb Nelson will represent the company as it pioneers the USA’s nationwide switch to low-charge NH3 ammonia systems. The systems are expected to replace R22 and other refrigerants with high-ozone depleting and global warming potential.

“I’m honored to step up as Azane’s new VP of business development, and am looking forward to fronting the company as it transforms the face of America’s industrial refrigeration chiller and freezer market.” says Nelson.

Nelson has been working in the arena since 2005, with roles as a refrigeration application engineer, project manager, and director of refrigeration. He’s also fronted a myriad of notable projects, including the USA’s first grocery store ammonia application, which went on to receive EPA Greenchill platinum status and the association’s Best of the Best Award.

Nelson says, “I’ve always seen large-scale, ‘industrial’ ammonia systems and small-scale, ‘commercial’ synthetic refrigerant systems as polar opposites. With a commercial background, I’ve spent the last eight years trying to bridge that gap, and successfully brought ammonia to grocery stores in California for the first time in the U.S. back in 2012. Having seen the success of ammonia on a scale that small, I get excited about the abundant opportunities to apply it more broadly in a similar low-charge application.”

With over 10 years of experience in the refrigeration industry, Azane officials said Nelson brings a wealth of expertise to the table. He boasts an in-depth knowledge of ammonia systems, and has published a number of niche papers over the years.

“Ammonia is the most efficient refrigerant being used today. Conveniently, it is also ‘future proof’ since it is a natural refrigerant with no ozone depleting or global warming potential. Plus, in a low-charge application can be extremely safe and also avoid EPA and OSHA regulation,” said Nelson

As a MT Tech: University of Montana graduate in Mechanical Engineering, the company says Nelson has a complex understanding of the technical aspects of refrigeration technology. He has active engineering licenses for seven different states, as well as associations with IIAR and ASHRAE.

He currently maintains membership on several ASHRAE section-10 technical committees, is a voting member of ASHRAE TC 10.7 and program sub-committee chair, and regularly attends ASHRAE, IIAR, ATMOsphere, Chillventa, FMI, and other conferences.

Together with Group MD of Star Refrigeration and President of Azane Inc. Andy Pearson, Nelson will front the IIAR annual meeting in Orlando. Scheduled for March 20-23, the event will explore the benefits of low-charge ammonia.

“Attending the IIAR meeting is a fantastic way to kick-start the company’s restructure, and ensure that Azane continues to dominate as a world leading manufacturer of low-charge ammonia refrigeration systems,” said Nelson

Caleb Nelson succeeds former executive level employee, Derek Hamilton.