A new addition has been made to the AACHE Accreditation Commission Certified Teaching Alliances (CTA’s).

AACHE Director Steven Spivey issued AATC University a letter confirming the commission’s acknowledgement and recommendation to confer CTA status to The Allied Testing and Commissioning Council (ATC Council). The organization said AATC is receiving CTA status for its role in advancing conformity and compliance standards of disruptive technologies used in the data center and mission critical industries.

The National ATC Council will be headquartered in Phoenix. Training programs will be facilitated nationwide by six regional chapters developed through the organization’s Charter Members, (AATC University, Genelco Inc., and Cx Testing Services LLC.). According to AACHE, a coalition of ATC Council members has grown at a fast pace since its inception in late 2015.

Cx Testing/Genelco and the Advancing Achievers Technology and Cybersecurity University (AATC) are the “Charter Member Organizations” of the newly formed Allied Testing and Commissioning Council™ (ATC Council®). This organization takes into consideration the International Electrical Testing Association (NETA) standards, but advances the testing protocols to the next level by adopting testing and commissioning procedures for new “disruptive technologies” integrated into equipment and systems not currently examined by NETA.

For example, the newly designed equipment that R4Ventures/Natural Cycle Cooling has developed provides the mission critical/data center industry with disruptive technologies (MECS/RTDCC) to improve efficiencies and lower costs for facility operators, as well as maintaining and testing 380V Systems, Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) Technologies, and Retro-Hardening of Controls, ATOM Power’s Beta Digital Circuit Breaker, and other Research and Development organizations contributing to the industry in this fashion.

The ATC Council also launched its first event at the IO Data Center, which now serves as AATC University’s interim campus. The “Class of 2016” keynote speaker, AATC Vice Chairman Dr. Darrell Richardson, along with Chairman Dr. Timothy J. Oergel, presented Lori Frantzve with an Honorary Doctoral Degree for her life-long work of Cyber Security and DOD sanctioned Disaster Mitigation Programs development for Mission Critical Operations. Dr. Frantzve, CEO of AZ Tech International Inc. and its subsidiary, G-TEK Industries, now serves AATC University as the Dean of the Cyber Security College. She is also the newest member of the AATC University Board of Regents.

The GHA ceremony leading up to the class of 2016 graduation event awarded several individuals, businesses, and organizations that have had a substantial impact for the betterment of the Information Technology and Data Center Industries. This year’s Platinum Heart Award was presented by AATC’s Allied Testing & Commissioning Council, recognizing the efforts of the Arizona Technology Council. During the past decade, The AZ Tech Council introduced over 60 pieces of legislation that have passed into law to support the mission critical industry. They continue to host over 160 networking events every year to keep business leaders and organizations informed on important issues involving the industry.

Notable 2016 Gold Heart Awardees include IO Data Centers, ATOM Power, AZ Technologies, G-TEK Industries, and Genelco.