Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. launched a new sealed combustion high-efficiency stainless steel boiler line with condensing technology. The Buderus SSB Series consists of a total of eight models in four separate cabinet sizes with inputs ranging from 85MBH up to 1,024MBH, and are applicable for use in small studio units all the way up to commercial buildings. Bosch introduced the new SSB Series mid-size range 255, 399, and 512 MBH models initially, and in mid-2016 will introduce 85, 120, 160 MBH residential models, followed by 819 and 1,024 MBH commercial sizes.
The company says the Buderus SSB Series is designed as a modular platform for commonality and familiarity for the installer. The platform commonality also reduces the number of unique spare parts in inventory. SSB225 (residential) model is rated at AFUE 96%, while SSB339 and SSB512 (commercial range) are both rated at 96.8% Thermal Efficiency. All sizes have a turn down ratio of 5:1, and aim to deliver precise load matching and ultimate efficiency.

These boilers, which can be cascaded, feature a proprietary ASME SA-240 stainless steel type 316L heat exchanger and an integrated premix burner and a pneumatic air-gas system for optimized combustion. They can be vented using CPVC, PVC, PP, PP Flex, Stainless Steel AL29-4C, IPEX type IIA & IIB for use with single-pipe, two pipe, or concentric configuration.