Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc. has developed the new CITY MULTI® L-Generation water source condensing systems. Combining the efficiency of water source with VRF, the company claims the next-generation W-Series systems offer enhanced efficiency ratings across all categories. The systems feature single modules up to 20 tons, with the ability to combine single modules for systems up to 30 tons. W-Series systems can also be integrated into specialized water-side designs, such as geothermal or existing closed water loops.

L-Generation water source systems can be installed indoors for commercial and multifamily residential applications, such as hotels and condominiums, among others. The compact size, front-side service access, and self-cooling cabinet make the systems an optimal fit for applications with limited space.

L-Generation water source systems have several features that are said to complement CITY MULTI systems improved efficiency ratings. WR-Series systems can recover heat on both the refrigerant and water sides of the system, creating an opportunity for greater energy efficiency. Officials said the design of the systems also offer building owners and managers more flexible installation options — multiple systems can be stacked on a field-supplied rack to create more horizontal space and storage. When it comes to management, connecting multiple W-Series systems to a central controller or building automation system allows owners and managers to achieve better operational and comfort control.