Danfoss has unveiled its new VLT® DriveMotor FCM106/FCP106. The VLT® FCM106 is a 0.55 to 7.5 kW drive mounted as a factory package on either an induction or permanent magnet motor. The VLT® FCP106 utilizes the same 4X drive, and, when purchased with an adaptor plate, can be mounted on the customers’ choice motor. A wall mount kit allows the drive to be mounted separate from the motor if needed.

The FCM106 combines a high-efficiency motor with a Danfoss drive, which the company says provides a lower cost, high-efficiency drive/motor solution suitable for air handlers, rooftop units, and pumps. Customers can create their own drive/motor combination using the motor of their choice by purchasing an FCP106 drive. It incorporates either an IE4 motor or a permanent magnet motor to achieve high energy efficiency.  
A removable memory module allows the user to store the motor database, drive software, parameters, SIPV files, error logs, and sensorless data. Officials said this removable module insures quick transfer of information in the event a drive replacement is required.

Several features of the VLT® DriveMotor FCM/FCP106 are designed specifically for OEMs. These include custom SIPV files that allow the designer to hide parameters from the end user, even after the drive is initialized. MCT21 software can assist in monitoring and programming the drive, but also allows the OEM’s MRP system to create drive parameter files based on equipment order/serial number that can be directly downloaded into the drive/motor on the production floor.