RectorSeal® Corp. has added Big Foot® Stands to its Big Foot® Systems product line of HVAC equipment mounts. Big Foot Stands support all brands/models of ductless minisplit system (DMSS) and variable refrigerant flow/volume (VRF/VRV) condenser units.

Big Foot Stands are square tubular galvanized metal equipment supports with 8-in square nylon footings that distribute weight evenly and absorb condenser vibration. DMSS Big Foot Stands support up to 386-pounds and the VRF/VRV designs support up to 1,323-pounds, both of which the company says accounts for every brand and model in the industry. Each stand holds one condenser, but is scalable by connecting extender stands in tandem to accommodate as many additional condensers as desired.

The company also claims the Big Foot Stands enable contractors to surpass equipment mount building codes with a 12-in and 18-in height for DMSS and VRF/VRV condensers, respectively.  This protects against flooding, snow drifting, ice damming, and potential landscape maintenance damage. A height extender for the DMSS stand adds 6 in for a total ground clearance of 24-in.