Daikin North America LLC has launched its VRV IV-S-series heat pump, which the company is calling the next generation of “Mini-VRV” for residential and light commercial applications. The product is planned for sales availability in May 2016. The new VRV IV-S-series is a single-phase, air cooled, outdoor unit that operates up to 10 indoor units and accommodates extensive piping networks up to 984 ft.  

VRV IV-S-series incorporates Daikin’s patented Variable Refrigerant Temperature (VRT) technology to maximize year-round comfort and energy savings.  According to the company, conventional HVAC systems are designed around a “sweet spot” where they operate at their best efficiencies at a certain temperature. When temperatures are mild, conventional HVAC systems will continue to operate at full capacity and therefore continue to expense as much energy during these part-load conditions as they do during full-load, extreme hot and cold temperature conditions. The built-in VRT technology provides optimal year-round efficiencies. The VRT technology will automatically adjust the optimal operation of the VRV IV-S-series to ramp up or ramp down so that it uses only the energy necessary to provide optimal performance and efficiency in part-load and full-load conditions.  

Heating operating ranges have been extended down to -4°F and cooling operating ranges have been extended up to 122°F. The new VRV IV-S-series also has improved cooling and heating efficiencies and has expanded the capacity range with a new, larger 5-ton model offering as compared the previous VRV-IIIS models. Previous 3- and 4-ton model sizes were in the taller 53-in cabinets. The newer 3- and 4-ton VRV IV-S-series models are now in a much smaller 39-in cabinet height which is ideal for the growing mini-VRV markets where the smaller footprints are important.