Alfa Laval has introduced a patented cooling concept, Low Speed Ventilation, which the company says delivers air at a considerably lower speed: 1.5 to 1.8 meters per second. Reducing air speed and delivering an optimum airflow eliminates the Venturi effect, minimizes pressure differences, and therefore prevents problems such as “hot spots.” As LSV is a normal pressure technology, data center operators only need to control air availability, not air pressure, making it easier to achieve optimum conditions in the server room.

As significant amounts of air are required for Low Speed Ventilation, LSV coolers are larger than conventional coolers. Alfa Laval Arctigo LSV air coolers are specially designed with a large cross-sectional area. Located outside the server room, these coolers ensure the servers are supplied with sufficient temperature-controlled air at all times, while consuming less power than conventional server cooling solutions, according to officials.

Alfa Laval also says the LSV can achieve a PUE of 1.07 and reduce cooling-related energy bills by up to 30% depending on size, type, and location of the data center.