Titus HVAC has introduced the VENTUS LUX, an integrated chilled beam system that combines the efficiency of chilled beams with LED lighting. The company says the compact system is 30% more energy efficient than conventional overhead VAV systems and installation time is faster and more affordable.  Future VENTUS LUX product enhancements will include other services and components such as smoke detectors and lighting controls.

The company also claims the VENTUS LUX provides benefits beyond energy, space, and cost savings. Its HVAC service relies primarily upon tempered chilled water, with 60% to 75% of the space cooling being accomplished by integral coils within the units. This means more compact ductwork and air handling units, reducing ceiling cavity heights and mechanical room footprints.

VENTUS LUX will be available in spring 2016 in pendant and recessed designs along with woodgrain and natural stone finishes. The system is ideal for high-end commercial office space, healthcare facilities, and laboratories.