Emerson Climate Technologies has released the Copeland™ Next Gen C-Series Compressor for Ice (CSKIE), a reciprocating hermetic compressor geared toward any business with ice machines and designed to optimize the performance of the ice cycle. The compressor will be in full production at the beginning of 2016.

Emerson Climate Technologies and the Design Service Network test facility analyzed several ice machines on the market during a product development cycle. The performance of the ice cycle was tested to validate the engineering design. Pertaining to ice conditions, the company claims the CSKIE will have up to 12% efficiency over existing products.

Unlike a typical reach-in or walk-in system with a fixed temperature application, the ice machine runs in duty cycles at different conditions. Compressors currently operating in ice machines are optimized for a 20-degree evaporator and 120-degree condensing temperature. The CSKIE is optimized for the ice cycle, ensuring that efficiency is maximized at the optimal condition during the cycle with the greatest run time.

The CSKIE will be offered in 12 models between capacities 10K Btuh and 20K Btuh, and will be qualified for R-404A (and R-448A upon customer request) in both single-phase and three-phase.