NORD Gear Corp. has introduced the SK135E/SK175E soft start drive family, which the company says eliminates uncontrolled starting and mechanical strain on drive components. The starters are designed to be used in a distributed control system and can be mounted directly on the motor or near the motor. AC Motors that are connected directly to their power source exhibit heightened power consumption during starting and stopping and can demand up to seven times of the rated motor current irrespective of load. This can create irregular starting and shut down behaviors as well as unnecessary strain on all components involved. NORD says it has created a solution to these unnecessary risks associated with running electric motors as a primary mover.     

The SK135E/SK175 regulates the three major functions of a motor starter and controls them in order to protect equipment and what is being moved. The product series consists of a basic model; the SK135E and an enhanced model; the SK175E that have either ASi or Profibus DP onboard networking.