The new Premium Efficiency vertical stacked water source heat pumps (VSHPs) from Johnson Controls offers efficiency as high as 16.6 EER and up to 18.5 EER in ground loop (geothermal) applications. The company says the design allows for simple zoning, tenant metering, and building expandability.

The unit features a four-pipe fan coil system in a two-pipe design and is suited for any multi-story building with a consistent floor plan. The pre-engineered piping system aims to reduce installation time and costs and provides for future building expansion.

Designed to minimize sound and provide year-round comfort, the VSHP includes a compact cabinet constructed of heavy gauge, corrosion-resistant, coated steel. The heat pump interfaces with standard thermostats and includes microprocessor-based controls. The model also features an outside air opening with collar and motorized damper and up to three supply air openings. Other features include sound-attenuating discharge baffles and an optional isolated chassis, ECM motors, and MERV 8 filters.