SEMCO® LLC has introduced the NEUTON™, a plug-and-play controlled chilled beam pump module (CCBPM) for reducing chilled beam system installation and operational costs. According to the company, NEUTON is the industry's first proactive condensation control device for active chilled beams. It is a factory-built and pre-tested CCBPM package complete with its own powered integrated DDC, chilled and hot water connections, valves, variable-speed electronically commutated (EC) motor pumps, smart sensors and other features.

NEUTON is designed to eliminate the expense of a separate chiller, boiler, and secondary water distribution system associated with conventional chilled beam HVAC designs. Instead of expensive secondary piping loops, each NEUTON blends and re-circulates return water within its zone to convert typical 42°F and 140°F primary loop water temperatures to optimal 58°F or 100°F chilled beam discharge temperatures. This prevents cooling mode condensation and heating season heat stratification. A NEUTON can control up to 10 chilled beams, depending upon the water flow rate required.

NEUTON's (208V or 230V single phase) variable speed, ECM pump motor is significantly more efficient and saves up to 90-percent energy while providing the same BTUs as larger, conventional loop pumps with two-way on/off valves. NEUTON's valves and variable speed capability  regulates flow, versus the traditional loop's valves that simply open or close while the system's larger, more expensive-to-operate pump runs continuously.