Spirax Sarco has released the CSM-C 600 compact clean steam generator. This unit is a skid mounted system that is designed to provide dry saturated steam that meets the requirements of HTM2031, HTM2010, and EN285 standards. The CMS-C 600 generator can produce up to a maximum of 1,275 lb/h of clean steam at 45psig — dependent on plant steam pressure and feedwater temperature.  The generator can be used across a wide range of industries and in any application that relies on sterilization or humidification as part of its process.

Features include a compact footprint, which frees up real estate in mechanical rooms. It will fit though standard 36-in door. Modulating control of water level and plant steam inlet aims to deliver tight accurate control. The company also says the CSM-C 600 is easy to interface with BAS Systems via the available communication protocol options.