The new Valbia® VB008 Mini quarter-turn direct-mount electric actuator measures 4.75-in long by 2.75-in wide. Used with .25- to 1.25-in full-port direct mount ball valves, the company says it provides the compact and reliable automatic flow control for a wide range of HVAC, light industrial, and OEM applications.

VB008 mini actuators feature an F-03/05 pattern ISO-5211 direct mount flange and square shaft slot for direct mount installation. The standard 110 VAC motor with Class II insulation meets CE standards and delivers 71 in/lbs. of torque in horizontal or vertical installations. A manual override, heater/thermostat, and LED indicator light are standard. The waterproof IP 65 housing of the VB008 is constructed of flame-resistant plastic with O-ring seals at critical points.

Options include 24VAC operation and three-point or modulating control. The new actuators are available as separate components or on single-number automated valve packages with Bonomi ball valves.

Space-saving VB008 electric actuators can be used in water treatment, irrigation, fire protection, leak detection and prevention systems, food and beverage processing, smart home systems, and other commercial or light industrial applications.