According to ClimateCraft, its new ACCESS™ knockdown air handling unit is a time- and cost-saving solution. ACCESS aims to provide a unique solution in custom-engineered and manufactured knockdown AHUs, addressing challenging retrofit projects by examining the typical challenges associated with air handling equipment replacement — including limited access to installation spaces (such as facilities originally built around mechanical equipment), zoning and code requirements, original equipment demolition, project timeline constraints, and budgetary limitations.

Engineered for final assembly at the job site, ACCESS air handling units are shipped on individual pallets, require no field disassembly, and are designed to be easily transported in stages to the installation site. All palleted materials are individually labeled for ease of identification, and ClimateCraft furnishes each unit with instructional documentation, tool lists, and step-by-step photos.

In addition to comprehensive assembly instructions, ClimateCraft says it offers various levels of customer support based on the complexity and required level of precision for the specific application. This includes the option of contractor/installer training at ClimateCraft’s facility. Also, ClimateCraft factory field service professionals are available to provide jobsite installation supervision, or inspect a unit, once installed, for maximum operational efficiency.

The largest component of the ACCESS unit can be designed to pass through a 36-in framed doorway and, once navigated into the exact installation location, can be easily fit within existing space constraints.  The ACCESS unit additionally features full thermal break construction, with caulk-free gasketed seams that promote ease of serviceability while protecting the unit from leaks and condensation.