Refrigeration systems cam suddenly break down, oftentimes due to debris, water or acid in the system causing compressor failure, stuck valves or plugged TXVs. Filter driers serve as protection against problems like these that may impede system performance potentially resulting in spoiled goods and dissatisfied customers. Danfoss is aiming to eliminate this problem its compact ELIMINATOR® 1.5 in³ filter drier that may be applied to most glass door merchandiser and other light commercial applications.

The new filter drier works with pressures up to 46 bar (667 psig). It is designed for use with all common refrigerants, including natural refrigerants such as hydrocarbons and subcritical CO2 (up to 46 bars). The filter drier is designed with less free volume, which means that less refrigerant gas is captured in the system. The compact design of the ELIMINATOR® filter drier reduces refrigerant cost and assists in meeting the 150g design limits established for hydrocarbon refrigerants such as R290 (propane).

The ability to remove water from the refrigeration system is the most important function of the filter drier. According to Danfoss, as the refrigerant flows through the solid core of the ELIMINATOR® filter drier, maximum contact between the molecular sieve and the refrigerant gas ensures rapid and effective dehydration to protect compressor and condenser units. Where acids may be present in the system, the new filter drier may also be provided with activated alumina, i.e. synthetically produced aluminum oxide, to remove those acids that typically lead to corrosion.