Rinnai-061515-body.jpgRinnai has introduced four new models — RUCS/RUS75 and RUCS/RUS65 for both indoor and outdoor applications — that expand its Ultra Series condensing line with mid- and lower-range maximum Btu units. These new models offer condensing efficiency and a lower price point for installations that don’t require high Btus. According to the company, features of these new models include lower Btus (160,000 Btu for RUCS/RUS75; 130,000 Btu for RUCS/RUS65), concentric/dual-pipe venting options, and status monitor control, Energy Factor (EF) of up to .93, space savings, and environmental benefits. The RUCS75i/RUS75e and RUCS65i/RUS65i will be available for purchase through Rinnai wholesale distribution in August.