Tri-Rotor-061515-body.jpgDesigned with 4-in flanged ports and only three moving parts, Tri-Rotor’s 200 Series pumps are heavy-duty, low-maintenance workhorses for pumping liquid and semi-solid materials with viscosities from 40/4 to 100,000/21625. Flow rates range from 58 to 240 gpm (200 gpm at 430 rpm). The 200 Series includes three head types: variable volume, relief valve, and transfer.

To meet specialized pumping problems, the Model 200AV variable volume pump requires less hp by maintaining a minimum pressure, adjusting its displacement to the discharge rate allowed and reducing the breakdown of materials being pumped in a recirculating system. This pump is capable of specialized pumping including proportioning of liquids and control of liquid flow to dehydrators, heaters, and more.

Model 200AX has a large passage isolated from pumping members to link the discharge port directly to suction for bypass action eliminating the need for external bypass piping and relief valve. Optional oversized "jackets" at both ends of the pumps are available to assure that the pumpage remains at temperature.