Trane says it is now offering easy control of room temperature to hotel guests through a new agreement with Telkonet, Inc., a manufacturer of hotel guest room thermostats and controls.

Through this agreement Trane will now use the Telkonet EcoSmart™ platform to offer the hotel and hospitality industry additional HVAC and comfort system options that benefit hotel guests. In new hotels, Telkonet thermostats can be included with Trane guest room HVAC products to provide hotel and hospitality properties with a complete comfort system package. In existing hotels, the energy savings potential of smart, integrated guest room control will help drive retrofit projects by offering an attractive return on investment, according to Trane representatives. In many cases, a Telkonet system retrofit qualifies for utility or government energy rebates.

Trane officials also said the platform provides minimized operating costs for hotels through reduced guest-room-related utility costs and hotel management expenses. Through the company’s software, reductions in operating costs can be realized by integrating the room controls with the hotel property management system.

"In the past few months, we have been going through an extensive process, aimed at offering additional HVAC and comfort system options for the hotel and hospitality industry — options that can provide smart guest room control and energy savings,” said Steve Brandt, Trane hospitality strategic account manager.

“Telkonet’s EcoSmart platform has proven its ability to not only create an in-room energy management network to enhance energy efficiency, but also to streamline remote equipment monitoring and manage maintenance more efficiently to extend equipment life. Now, we are excited to expand EcoSmart’s use with its intelligent thermostats to be included with Trane guest room HVAC products, upgrading existing hotels and installing with new construction. We are confident that this solution will provide Trane with flexibility, scalability, and efficiencies to meet current as well future industry needs.”