RD300-060115-body.jpgExtech Instruments has unveiled the new RD300, a heated diode refrigerant leak detector that pinpoints leaks of all CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants with three levels of sensitivity to leaks as small as 0.25oz/yr (7g/yr). The ergonomic tool also features a built-in LED work light on the probe tip for dimly lit locations.

The detector uses a gooseneck probe to access leaks in tight locations and cramped compartments, such as engine bays and self-contained air conditioners/refrigeration units, while also extending access to overhead refrigerant lines.
The progressive color-coded 9-LED bar-graph provides at-a-glance information on levels being detected. Audible alarms can be muted to avoid disturbing occupants or nearby workers. The 18-in flexible probe reaches far into equipment and aids users, by reducing the need to bend down or stretch overhead to reach lines. The instrument boasts a 13-hour battery life. When the sensor or LED work light does need replacing, both are easy to swap right on the job to minimize downtime when service is needed, according to the company. The RD300 comes complete with a leak test bottle, 9V battery, and carrying case.