RUSA-010615-body.jpgRosenberg has released four new axial fans, complete with shrouds and finger guards for HVAC condenser applications. The fans are designed with profiled aluminum blades with winglet tips that aim to reduce noise and improve fan performance.

The new fans include Rosenberg AKSD 500-mm and AKFD 560-mm, 630-mm, and 800-mm models. They meet all requirements of the ErP Directive for fans to be used in the European Union.  Maximum airflows range from 5,800 to 15,900 cfm at free air.  Input power is 230VD/460VY, three-phase, 50-60 Hz. The maximum airflows are at full speed, 460-V & 60 Hz.

All four fans employ six finned or winglet-style blades designed to reduce noise by up to three (3) dBA and boost fan performance by decreasing turbulence at the wing tips. This improves fluid dynamics and increases fan output, providing a steep airflow/pressure curve.

Rosenberg AC axial fans can be installed in any position and speed is 100% infinitely variable. Thermal contacts provide standard motor protection. Insulation is to Class F and side cable connection or connecting box on the rear side of the motor are standard selections.