Webster Combustion Technology LLC announced that its line of JB series high efficiency boiler burners has been approved by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) for use on Smith Cast Iron Boilers.

“The approval by UL and NYC DEP of the Smith/Webster package is significant because it makes our already well-regarded burners more accessible to a very important market segment and aligns us with a strong partner in Smith Cast Iron. Our NYC representative, Boileroom Equipment Sales, is fully prepared to meet the demand with burners in stock at their facility,” said Eric Graham, Webster’s national sales manager.

Suitable for Smith 19HE and 28HE cast iron boilers, NYC stock JB Series burners are configured for both gas and oil firing and are ready for immediate shipment.

These Webster JB Series burners are in stock and available now from Boileroom Equipment Sales for all sizes of 19HE and 28HE boilers. NYC Cast Iron stock burners are configured as follows:

4 thru 8 Section 28HE and all 19HE boilers: Low-High-Low operation         

9 thru 18 Section 28HE: Full modulation

All burners are U.L. listed and include:

• NYC DEP approval

• Auto fuel changeover

• Fully assembled ventless gas trains

• Direct spark and/or gas pilot ignition

• Remote oil pump

• Standard four light control package and UL approved flame safeguard

• Completely wired, assembled, and tested control panel

For more information about Webster Combustion’s JB Series boiler burners, visit www.webster-engineering.com.