BalanceStream-051115-body.jpgClimateCraft has supplemented its FanMatrix™ fan array system with the new BalanceStream™ technology.  Featuring a spring-actuated inlet cone and designed with only one moving part, the company says its BalanceStream improves system efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity while reducing maintenance and energy costs.  ClimateCraft has engineered the technology to incorporate no supplemental electro-mechanical devices, nor require a complex control strategy. Additionally, BalanceStream eliminates the need for backdraft dampers, and features automatic shut-off in the case of fan failure. FanMatrix with BalanceStream technology is available for replacement fan installations, or easily retrofitted into existing FanMatrix systems.  

BalanceStream can also accommodate a fan’s controlled static pressure at flows down to 10% of design without cycling, and while maintaining a reliable flow profile. This translates to operational stability that is otherwise typically lost when fans are cycled off. Increasing the ability for fans to run at lower loads, the integration of BalanceStream offers improved fan array system stability and efficiency, while protecting against fan surge.