Energy efficiency isn’t just for commercial spaces and residential homes — schools are also aiming to provide healthy and clean environments for children. However, high energy costs can be a significant drain on school resources. Sycamore Elementary School, located in Michigan, is just one example of schools starting to pay attention to energy efficiency.

Sycamore Elementary School looked to Vytau Virskus with Millennium Energy to help them replace their previously outdated boiler system with a more effective and energy efficient HVAC system. The project needed a solution that not only had low-energy consumption, but would also keep the children warm during the chilly Michigan winters and cool during the summers.

After evaluating a variety of different options, Millennium Energy chose LG Electronics’ Multi V IV Air Cooled VRF Heat Pump system because of the quality and benefits it provided. Specifically, the Multi V IV is designed to meet the needs of a varying climate such as Michigan — keeping students warm during the cold winters and cool during the summers, which can be very hot.

The Multi V IV system also allows teachers to heat or cool specific areas of the building simultaneously in an energy-efficient manner, which is a significant benefit over ducted systems. Sun-facing rooms can be kept cool while rooms that receive no sun can be warmer, providing students with a more comfortable learning environment. According to LG, its Multi V IV also offers users a more compact product that is lighter in weight than any other models currently on the market.

LG’s Multi V IV systems are designed to provide a flexible solution with independent comfort zoning, which takes maximum advantage of LG’s inverter technology. The system also has a minimal impact on the existing building, saving time and money during the installation. The design enables the VRF system to adapt to any current setup a building can offer and requires fewer materials than other systems.

For Sycamore Elementary, Virskus was able to integrate the HVAC system into the existing environment using the AC Smart Premium control system provided with the LG package. LG Electronics officials said they recognize that long-term efficiency, comfort, and reliability start with proper installation and services of the equipment; therefore, the company offered training sessions for Sycamore Elementary School personnel and service teams. The final result will be an energy-efficient HVAC system that is also extremely quiet — a must for a classroom environment.

“We were looking for a system that would not only cut costs, but also provide a quiet and functional classroom environment for the students,” said Virskus, “We were also able to connect the unit to a dashboard that will measure the energy efficiency over time.” 

The system is gradually being installed in increments during school holiday breaks, while students are out of school.

 “The training sessions from LG were incredibly helpful,” said Virskus.