Nortek Air Solutions announced a realignment of its manufacturing operations and product offerings within the Mammoth® brand and Venmar CES™ unitary product offerings. These changes are part of the company’s multiyear plan to improve its responsiveness and competitiveness in the market place.

On the production side, this plan includes first half 2015 strategic investments in its Portland, OR, facility in excess of $4 million and further steps to expand its Aston, Quebec facility. Investments in these facilities are in support of the recently announced planned product transitions. As a result of shifting certain production for the transitions, Nortek Air Solutions will close its factory in Springfield, MO, and complete the closure of the Saskatoon, Canada, factory which was announced in 2013. As an integral part of Nortek Air Solutions’ technology innovation strategy, the research and development team in Saskatoon will remain there, continuing its work.

These production transitions and continuing investments in strategic facilities are expected to increase throughput, improve product quality, and reduce time-to-market. The consolidation of design, sales support, and development of back-end manufacturing software is expected to further increase efficiency along with customer service levels. Nortek Air Solutions says it will continue to invest in product development, research, technology, and technical field sales support.

On the product side, certain underperforming lines will be discontinued in favor of new technologies and current offerings that better meet customer performance needs.

“We are approaching the culmination of plans set in motion several years ago to strengthen our company’s competitive position. By consolidating facilities, we will improve both the quality and consistency of our product offerings, as well as reduce lead times, enabling us to improve service levels to all our customers,” said Mark DeVincent, president of Nortek Air Solutions. “Our goal is to ensure this transition remains seamless for customers and our sales representatives. These moves have been carefully planned and will be carried out over an appropriate timeframe, minimizing the impact to our production commitments.”

According to Nortek Air Solutions, the company is working with all employees who will be impacted by the changes to help them through this transition. Also, the company says it supports its product warranties purchased and will offer parts information on products being discontinued.