ABB-042715-body.jpgABB introduces a new range of vortex and swirl flowmeters. The new product series replaces the previous TRIO-WIRL devices. The company claims that both devices build on the advantages of ABB’s unique swirl flow measurement technology to deliver high accuracy, high reliability, and ease of installation. Plus, the new devices offer numerous innovations to save operational costs and improve performance.

The new SwirlMaster comes as standard (FSS430) or as an extended version (FSS450). ABB’s swirl technology enables very short upstream and downstream piping requirements that save installation costs and enable high-accuracy flow measurement in tight spaces. The FSS450 version features functions that are normally found in flow computers such as steam-power calculation — with and without condensation return — and the ability to receive signals from other transmitters for density, temperature, and pressure via an analog 4...20 mA input. The standard FSS430 omits the flow computer algorithms but provides an analog output with HART communication. Both models feature ABB’s universal graphical display (HMI), digital outputs — configurable as pulse, contact and frequency output — and an integrated temperature sensor that can be added as an option.

The new VortexMaster follows the same philosophy with a lower cost entry-level version (FSV430) for simple applications and the extended version (FSV450) that offers the same functions as SwirlMaster FSS450. Both versions are available in a remote design with a cable length of up to 30 meters/100 ft.

While the measurement principle of the SwirlMaster is based on concentric swirls that create pressure fluctuations in the medium, the VortexMaster works according to the Kármán vortex principle with turbulences generated by a bluff body. Both series have a piezo sensor with multiple elements to register the measured signals and additionally the pipe vibrations with which the measurement signal is compensated. The sensor, transmitter and general set-up for both device series is identical for easy commissioning and spare part management.
The new devices have significantly improved sensor response time. The reaction time for a change in flow rate is reduced from about 3-6 seconds to only about 1 second. At the same time the measuring ranges have been extended (depending on the diameter of the device), in some cases significantly.

In addition, both models are equipped with advanced diagnostic and verification functions. This built-in system monitors device health through regular self-checks on the flow and temperature sensor, and the data storage and electronics. All diagnostic status messages are in accordance with the NAMUR directive NE107.