As it celebrates 40 years in business at its Bristol, VA, location, Bristol Compressors International says it is planning to add 110 full-time jobs this spring.

Bristol Compressors, which has 628 full-time employees at its Bristol location, will first move 50 seasonal workers into permanent positions. Another 60 jobs will be added by the end of April, bringing the number of full-time positions to 738 at the Bristol site.

“This is a two-phase ramp-up of our Bristol operations,” said Rick Nunley, executive director of human resources for Bristol Compressors. “We will immediately begin the process of transitioning our seasonal workers into full-time roles, while the second phase of adding personnel in the machining, material, quality, and assembly areas will be complete by the end of the month.”

The additional jobs will support increasing international and domestic demand for the company’s products, according to Joel Moseley, senior vice president of marketing and sales for Bristol Compressors.

“The global market for air conditioning and refrigeration products is very dynamic,” Moseley says. “We’ve recently expanded our sales reach by establishing a sales office presence in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and we have expanded our office in China to improve customer support. Due to our robust design and reliability performance in very demanding climates, Bristol Compressors enjoys a market-leading position in overseas markets.”

Bristol Compressors says it is also uniquely positioned to respond to Saudi Arabia’s recent environmental sustainability and protection initiatives, which include implementation of regulatory laws that reduce carbon dioxide emissions, such as ozone-depleting refrigerants used in air conditioning systems.  

“The global air conditioning market is rapidly evolving, and it is critical that Bristol Compressors continues to invest in new products to support these changes,” said Ed Gniewek, CEO of Bristol Compressors. “There are global drivers to reduce emissions, and next on the slate is identifying new Low Global Warming Potential (LGWP) refrigerants.

“Our business in the United States also remains strong,” Gniewek says. “Bristol Compressors’ products are noted for their high quality and dependability, and continue to enjoy great success both here and abroad. We are excited to have this opportunity to grow and add 110 high-quality jobs to our Bristol location. Furthermore, we look forward to responding to global market demands by continuing to invest in the efficiencies of our company and our products.”