Miura North America and Miura Manufacturing will merge to form a single organization and brand named Miura America Company. The merger, which was unveiled to start Miura’s 2015 fiscal year, will affect 150 employees of the worldwide company.

Miura Co. Ltd was founded in Japan in 1927. A sales and services division, Miura North America, was formed in 1990, with the manufacturing plant, Miura Manufacturing, opening in 2009. Although the two companies worked together exclusively, they were created and functioned as independent organizations, a business model typical in Japan.

With an aggressive growth strategy to double market share by 2019, the two companies have merged with the aim to provide greater efficiencies in the business model and to improve communications and corporate support for dealers and customers.

“What works well in Japan is not a sustainable model to meet the needs of the North American market,” said Doug MacMaster, vice president of US Operations of Miura America Company. “Our customers and dealers have responded positively to this merger as it enables us to provide stronger lines of communication and therefore service.”

“With the merger of the two groups, a greater incentive to support a common goal, albeit in manufacturing, sales, service, or corporate support will be instilled,” said Mark Utzinger, chief operating officer for Miura America Company. “Integration of our businesses, leading to increased investment in technology, research, and development is essential for our growth strategy.”

The merger of the two groups is predicted to result in an increase in employee hiring, acquisitions of complimentary manufacturers, and a streamlining of management structure and business efficiencies. The company does not expect any layoffs to result from this merger.