valve-pics-033115-body.jpgGems Sensors & Controls has announced the global market introduction of its F Series. The company says its F Series is a family of ruggedly designed solenoid valves, offering high-reliability for flow rate applications with a lifespan of up to 10 million cycles. The series is available in a variety of configurations, all with bubble tight shutoff. Customers can choose from a broad range of 2-way normally open, 2-way normally closed and 3-way valve types, with choice of stainless steel or brass wetted parts and housings. An expanded range of port sizes, pressures, and electrical connector types are also available as standard. Explosion proof certifications are available upon request. Gems F Series configurations include high-flow, 2-way direct acting solenoid valves, high-flow, 2-way diaphragm operated solenoid valves, high flow, 3-way direct acting solenoid valves, and high-pressure, normally closed 2-way direct acting F series solenoid valves.