Metraflex-030415-body.jpgThe Metraflex Company has developed the Seismic BreakAway Coupling. The company says the product is a solution for hanger rods that are too short and do not allow for the full-rated movement of seismic expansion loops during seismic events.

With space is at a premium in commercial and high-tech buildings it may be necessary to install short hanger rods to support seismic loops in tighter spaces. However, company officials report that these hanger rods are often too short, preventing seismic loops from moving their full-rated amount. Freedom of movement is critical to ensure seismic expansion joints are effectively helping to protect the piping system. The new coupling can help overcome this challenge. Designed to separate at a preset load greater than the seismic joint’s static weight, it allows the loop to move freely to its fully rated amount, preventing further damage. After activation, the reusable coupling can be reset and used again with the seismic joint.

The unit is ideal for virtually any seismic loop size or configuration. In nested loop installations, for example, multiple BreakAway Couplings can be used to support long return bends. Couplings can be used with saddles to prevent long flexible legs on large seismic loops from sagging. For large seismic loops where weight or extreme flexibility requires additional support, Metraflex offers optional cable tethers.