The InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance is seeking an executive director to lead the organization. The alliance says the executive director will provide effective leadership, develop forward-looking programing, and assure the continued growth of the alliance.

“InsideIQ strives to be an organization that drives innovation, productivity, quality, customer service and, finally, thought leadership. Hiring a fulltime executive director able to focus on achieving these goals is an important milestone for the alliance,” said Paul Strohm, president of the InsideIQ Building Automation Alliance. “We will remain a member driven organization, acting through our strong committee structure. An acknowledged strength of our organizations is the member companies’ connections to their own local markets. A goal of the organization is to leverage this local knowledge to bring broad-based solutions to national and even international customer needs. The executive director, in a full-time role, will enable InsideIQ to engage in and respond quickly to market opportunities or changes and firmly establish our thought leadership position at the forefront of this fast changing industry.”

Among the alliance’s objectives for the position are that the new executive director will build strong, consistent relationships within the industry. This will enable InsideIQ to solidify its presence and participation within key organizations and industry conferences. In addition, the executive director will develop closer ties with sponsors who support InsideIQ programs, such as educational summits, and secure additional sponsors to participate in alliance events and serve a widening audience of alliance member customers.

“As volunteer leaders, who must also focus on their businesses, the board and executive committee members have been limited in what they could do for the alliance,” said Frank Rotello, past-president of InsideIQ. “A fulltime executive director will be able to take InsideIQ to the next level. This means developing more opportunities for member engagement and education while continuing to establish InsideIQ firms as industry leaders.”

Added Strohm, who is also president and COO of Kansas City-based C & C Group, “InsideIQ member firms will benefit because they can stay on task, focused on customers and on growing their business while networking, collaborating, and sharing best practices through the alliance. Likewise, our customers will benefit because they have access to the latest technological knowledge in the industry, as well as InsideIQ’s trusted, independent perspective.”

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