Strainer-021615-body.jpgMetraflex says it has made the first major redesign to conventional Y-Strainers since the early 1900s. The Low Pressure Drop LPD Y-Strainer, a patent-pending design, is completely re-engineered with a screen 50% to 60% larger than the industry average, with more holes and a larger surface area. Compared to traditional strainers, the new LPD Y-Strainer has no bridge wall, enabling fluid to flow straight and smooth at a lower velocity and with less turbulence, minimizing pressure drop. That means the pump can perform more efficiently, saving hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year.

Also, the larger surface area and greater number of holes on the strainer means it takes significantly longer for a screen to clog, reducing unnecessary maintenance and downtime. Sized from 2.5 to 12 in, the new LPD Y-Strainer is available in 125# cast iron.