york-020815-body.jpgJohnson Controls recently unveiled its new York VRF solution, a benefit of the company’s recent Hitachi joint venture. The ductless and modular HVAC solution heats and cools multiple building zones to increase energy savings, improve occupant comfort, and lower construction costs. VRF features Hitachi’s high-efficiency compressors and is complemented by energy modeling and selection tools to measure and compare VRF to other HVAC technologies.

The York VRF system utilizes state-of-the-art inverter technology to modulate the voltage and frequency of the power supplied to the compressors. The result is precise capacity control over a wide range of cooling and heating loads with unparalleled efficiency. York has two types of VRF systems: a 2-pipe system which works as a heat pump, able to heat or cool, and a 3-pipe system which acts as a heat recovery system, heating and cooling simultaneously.