Cambridge-011315-body.jpgDesigned with the needs of building owners and their specifying engineers in mind, Cambridge Engineering has introduced a new line of Blow-Thru® Direct Gas Fired Space Heaters to efficiently and safely heat smaller commercial and industrial facilities.
The new line of space heaters, called the Cambridge SA Series uses the same proven technology as the larger ultra high-efficiency Cambridge S Series, but is sized for smaller applications. The company says the S Series document to achieve 40% to 70% energy savings over other unit heaters or traditional boiler applications. Utilizing 100% outside air for efficient direct gas-fired heating, these heaters employ a proprietary stainless steel burner mounted downstream of the blower. The high-velocity blower achieves a 10-to-1 induction mixing ratio that minimizes stratification and increases throw, providing even comfort throughout the building.

The company also claims the unit can be used to provide summer or winter ventilation. The SA Series achieves 100% combustion efficiency and provides 160ºF maximum allowable output temperatures. The SA series was designed for efficiency and safety, and offers flexibility of being mounted through a wall, under roof, or on a rooftop. The heaters are pre-piped and pre-wired. In retrofit applications, the same gas and electric connections can be utilized as the unit being replaced. Additionally, industry-preferred round ducts can be used with other Cambridge. The stainless steel burners are warranted for five full years with all other components warranted for two years.