airxchange-121514-body.jpgAirxchange is introducing its new Expanded Capacity Energy Recovery Wheels. The new range of sizes offers airflow capacity from 20,000 to 60,000 cfm. The largest of the six new energy recovery wheels, the ERC-156, can provide more than 150 tons of cooling at AHRI test conditions.  The company says the Expanded Capacity Energy Recovery Wheels maintain Airxchange’s signature segmented design that offers fast installation and ease of serviceability. The new range of wheels also includes the standard Airxchange five-year warranty.

Energy recovery wheels recycle up to 80 percent of the energy normally wasted in building exhaust air and lowers HVAC operating costs by up to 40%. Airxchange’s energy recovery wheel transfers energy between two counter-flowing and divided airstreams. As the wheel rotates, energy is recycled from the exhaust airstream and introduced to the fresh airstream providing a low-cost, clean energy solution for conditioning outdoor ventilation.